Miss Jackson will also perform a medley of her greatest hits on the EMAs
The emotional and funny moments collide beautifully.
He hopes to break the world record for visiting all U.S. National Parks in one trip
He looks forward to the day when he can share the news about being a 'survivor'.
Last year, Watson earned the first gender-neutral Best Actor prize at the MTV Movie Awards.
Known for his splits and recent 1/2 shared statements on same-sex marriage, he's had some of the most exquisite bare butt shots.
It's a day to stand up against LGBTQ bullying
"You will never hear about someone talk about them being bisexual. So I never really thought it was a possibility."
Poll says women, gays, minorities see less discrimination than men
The mid-flight romp with Austin Wolf went viral
We aren’t just tuning in for the shade of it all.
We're spotlighting some of our recent posts, hot stories, and important news.
Australian senators say that religious schools have the right to discriminate against LGBT people due to belief systems.
The Independent called the film 'a heartfelt human drama'
Pacific Northwest is the scene for Michael & Bradley's inspirational nuptials.
Which effort reigned supreme?
The irony here is that these are called HETEROnyms.
The audience at the 92nd Street Y was captivated from her first word spoken.
Ten contestants will battle it out to win the heart of TiTi
Improved inclusivity in high schools seems to have plateaued
Lancel Lannister unsheathes his sword. Oh my!
Gavin McInnes says it's just a word people use in a fight
A group of twenty democratic senators write to Mike Pompeo and demand he reverse the G-4 Visa decision
Rough Hermione exterior with a Pumba core.
Of course Roseanne took to Twitter to chime in
Brings new meaning to the term 'getting stoned'
The show explores the realities of the sex industry
She's also making a big announcement that day.
Some showing Pride for #NationalComingOutDay, some showing cake, and others just plain hot.
Or as its referred to online... the 'Hamm-aconda.'