And More Exclusive Details!
David Hogg And Cameron Kasky Continue To Swoon Us!
The gay creative is focused on making art happen, even if he has to do it all himself.
The music video starts light and happy, becomes hot and tempting, and ends in a much different place.
We know what we're seeing in August...
This 15 minutes short film watches a gay couple begin and end in beautiful silence.
Plus that beard looks simply amazing,
The actor had fans wondering with his past social media posts
Here's hoping he "receives" it!
Playing rough, I see....
Now, that's impressive and sexy! We're left wanting to see more.
He wants it soft, though.
Twitter can't get over Lonsdale's pirate inspired outfit.
Fans celebrate about the tweet merging Kpop, Love, Simon, and Troyve Sivan together.
What an adorable couple!
On Wednesday morning, Stockholm residents were shocked to find a five-story tall penis painted on the side of an apartment.
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RuPaul's Drag Race favorites takes us behind the glitz and glamour in new web series
So. Many. Trophies.
Or in this case, they are called 'Mer-Bros.'
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What do you do when three guys in a steam room are touching themselves and staring at you?
The music video for her pro-gay wedding song "I Need A Woman" shows Kesha marrying yet another gay couple.
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Is This The End Of Sanchez's Drag Career? 
So Cheeky, It’s Cute!
The gays are eagerly anticipating Griffin's return with bated breath.
The decorated Olympian got confused when he was called a 'twink'.
Join the club, hunty.