Air Force veteran and former WeHo News publisher Ryan Gierach said neighbors called him "pedophile" and "child molester."
The ping-pong match over Transgedner service members continues.
While she initially came out as bisexual, she now says gay is a more fitting term.
The song titled "Ghost" is featured in a video mirroring Grease's "Summer Loving."
Newman was surprised that fans realized his ski buddy was Sean Cody's "Tanner."
In 2015, a pride march in Kiev was called off because protestors shot participants with smoke grenades.
A Frenchman identified as O. Davrius suffered a fractured jaw, an open head injury and possible brain damage.
The visually stunning "Apeshit" music video was shot in the Louvre.
They're staying strong and marching on in a hostile country.
You can see him at the People's Puerto Rican Parade and Chicago's Pride Parade
The singer-songwriter wrote a touching poem for the LGBTQ+ community that's raising some questions.
An extended family member will be having the first ever British gay royal wedding.
The openly gay actor also talked passion projects & the #MeToo movement.
He kicked the man and his friend out after asking, "Are you gay?"
The shirts, whose proceeds go to charity, are in protest of current blood donation laws.
The diva made it clear that she has NEVER met Renee Zellwegger
This is the actor's first big-screen appearance since accusations of sexual assault and even attempted rape by over 30 men.
You'll never guess what happened when he asked a fan what he was drinking!
Despite a proposed change in party platform, Indy GOPers choose the past
A new study published by the CDC shows the work that still needs to be done
Not so much... according to a recent survey.
The hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown inspired many disturbing, slanderous social media posts.
Be careful, boys! The criminal is currently at-large!
The Voice Australia's Zain Mitchlan will now represent the company & its merch.
The talk-show host will have a limited tour before her Netflix special
There was a gay surprise at today's game between Russia and Suadi Arabia.
This'll be his second solo series since coming out as gay in 2015.
“Some people have true illnesses that they just can’t seem to get away from"
The former E! News reporter shared his inspiring story after riding the AIDS/LifeCycle
Peter Tatchell was protesting against crimes in Chechnya