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Have You Seen the Video of a Group of Trans Women Beating Up a Man for Insulting Them?

Around 2 a.m. on June 24th in the Leicester Square tube station in London, three transgender women and their friend attacked a man who allegedly shouted a slur at the group. According to DailyMail, the group of drunken women continuously beat the man after a crowd of people attempted to stop them. Meanwhile, others shouted “Fight! Fight! Fight!” perpetuating the situation.

The victim of the ‘heinous attack’ was rushed to the hospital with several lacerations and a black eye.

The assailants include Tylah-Jo Bryan, Amarnih Lewis-Daniel, Tamzin Lush, and Hannah Bryan who were arrested after the violent crime.

Their assault was so bad that the Westminster magistrate, Kristy Walker, asserted the offense was too serious to deal with in a regular court and would have to escalate to the crown court. The four are awaiting sentencing at Blackfriars crown court, but no date has been set.

No other information on condition of the victim.

Check out the graphic video of the attack below. WARNING: it includes sensitive visuals that are not suitable for everyone.


Is this a case of three trans women standing up for themselves that went too far?

Or did this guy get what he had coming?

h/t: DailyMail



This kind of trashy street crime in London has increased so badly since the demographics have changed. Stabbings and gay-bashings are a huge problem too now. 


If four cis-women left a man in that shape, would this question be asked? Yeah, there's such a thing as "fighting words." But typically, the fight stops when your opponent has his a** served up to him on a plate, not when he's "rushed to the hospital with several lacerations and a black eye."     .....     The guy's a horse's ass and, at that time of the morning, a drunken horse's ass to boot. But this particular beating went way beyond self-defense.

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