Kesha Takes Major Fall On Stage!

The entertainment industry is about 10% good stuff, 40% Justin Bieber getting in and out of cars, and 50% performers falling on stage, and last night Kesha helped fill her quote by biting the dust while performing at the RedfestDXB Dubai Festival at the Media City Amphitheater! If we had to rate this on a celebrities-falling-on-stage-scale, Kesha would probably only get a three out of ten, because while she does epically land on her buns, she doesn't pull the dramatique fall-off-the-stage-entirely move. This was your moment. And you blew it. 

Honestly, I'm one of the few people left on this planet who feels Kesha can pretty much do no wrong, and I really do love everything about this fall. Her wild hair makes her look like Sweetums from The Muppets flailing around on stage, plus Kesha is singing We R Who We R as she goes down. This second part doesn't mean much, I just really like that song. Kesha still has two months left on her Rainbow Tour, so hopefully there's more of this to come!

In conclusion, it's Sunday morning and I'm sorry to fry your brain with such mind-warpingly poignent editorial. I just love Kesha and now I think I love her even more because of this fall, so to my other three Kesha fans out there in the gayverse, enjoy!