So, Chris Brown Wants To Tour With Rihanna. Yeah.

Great idea alert! Nine years ago former celebrity Chris Brown rocked the music industry when he beat up then-girlfriend Rihanna, but time heals all wounds, according the Brown, and he now wants to hop in a tour bus with his ex, as well as the dream team of Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, for a world tour! Sounds like it would be a blast for everyone involved. By 2012 - years after Brown's violent outburst - the two were photographed being friendly together, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the world is ready to see Brown and Rihanna sharing the stage. Or does it?

Brown's proposition, shared in the form of a tweet, has already garnered just under seventy-thousand "favs," meaning that tens of people and thousands of purchased bot followers would be willing to see Brown reunite with Rihanna. And that these tens think there's a chance in hell that Beyoncé would hop on board the crazy train.

Despite the Time's Up and #MeToo movements, we as a society are surprisingly quick to forgive celebrities for their crimes and indiscretions, and considering that Brown's horrible treatment of the flawless Rihanna garnered such widespread media attention, I'm frankly surprised that he even has seventy-thousand Twitter followers. Bots or no bots. Rob Lowe made a sex tape with a sixteen-year-old girl and the incident became the running gag in his Comedy Central Roast. Johnny Depp went apesh•t on Amber Heard and now he's transporting us to the whimsy of Fantastic Beasts. It's all too much for me. Do we need to forgive and forget, or does Brown need to never mention Rihanna's name ever again for the rest of eternity? Let us know in the comments!